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The Kelsey Excelsior

The latest addition to our little press family is a Kelsey Excelsior.
Compared to our other presses, this one needs a fair amount of love and restoration in order to bring her back to life.

What we know about her is limited at the moment, all I really have to go on is the paten date - May 6th 1872! Yup… 1872!

Research so far has yielded that this press does seem to be as old as we thought; there were not many made in this design before it evolved into the styles of the models we more commonly see today and there are not many left in existence. The few we have found are in rough shape, worse than ours.

Carl has now sandblasted little Kelsey and given her a fresh coat of paint. We both think she looks fabulous!

If you have any information on this particular press I would LOVE to hear from you.