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Hi, I’m Louise and I’m an artist… Of Sorts!

I'm originally Poole, a town in the County of Dorset, England. Although I did a brief stint at what is now Bournemouth Arts University, my education and career for the last decade has been focused on Customer Service, Tourism and Events. In 2016, following a need to update my qualifications and a desire to get a little bit more life experience, I moved to Canada to study at Niagara College. It is at this point that I met my boyfriend (he was my landlord, yes it's like a movie!) and the rest, as they say, is history. We currently live together in Niagara Falls, with our Australian Shepherd: Fitz.

I've always needed creative outlets: sewing, photography, writing, jewellery making or painting and two years ago I rediscovered my love of printmaking. Following some great courses, I joined Poole Printmakers; a local printmakers and artist cooperative. In conjunction with this, through Poole Adult Education, I took courses in Photography, Creative Writing and Watercolour Painting and when I wasn’t doing any of those things I worked at a children’s theme park, right up until it was time to move.

My time at Niagara College was extremely involved; there was little time for anything that wasn’t course related and after graduating I was fortunate enough to walk straight into a job. Actually, I’ve had some great jobs since moving to Canada; I ran a brewery, worked conferences and festivals, was a supervisor at a new winery and even fulfilled my childhood dream of being a Tour Guide around Niagara Falls! What I enjoyed the most was building relationships, learning about new things and discovering a little more about myself. However, something was missing. After much deliberation, I recently made the brave/stupid decision to temporarily stop working full time so that I could concentrate on getting my little business off the ground.

Today, after seeking knowledge of an antique press I was gifted, both my boyfriend and myself are members of The Mackenzie Printery and Newspaper Museum. So far, being members has afforded the opportunity to volunteer at some amazing heritage events, yielded insight into the history of local printmaking and has given me the chance to learn so much about aspects of printing I knew nothing about. With a focus on Letterpress, it is great for me to be out of my comfort zone, learn from industry professionals and explore a new medium of printmaking that I’ve been dying to try!  

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