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Write a blog, they said. It’ll be easy, they said. Well, let’s find out.

Welcome to Stopped Presses. A variation on a theme, stopped presses is a play on the phrase ‘stop the presses’ and quite literally means that I am not in my studio printing. Rather, you’ll find me desperately trying to drink a cuppa and resisting the urge to eat an entire bag of crisps, all the while trying to write something marginally interesting and fending off our two Australian Shepherds.

If you’ve read my bio you’ll know I have some background experience in fine art printmaking from over a decade ago and that in the last two years I have turned my hand to letterpress printing. In the world of letterpress printmaking I would describe myself as an enthusiastic newbie; a lot of what I have successfully printed so far has been as a result of trial and error, reading text books and picking the brains of some awesome retired printers at my local print group.

My boyfriend makes up the other half of the dynamic duo that is Out of Sorts. He’s a mechanic by trade, with a love of many wonderful, vintage things and has discovered he has quite the knack for restoring antique printing equipment. He ventured out of collecting automotive items, neon signs and Coke/Pepsi coolers and decided stupidly heavy antique printing presses were his next thing! He is the reason I now have my very own basement printing studio.

While following us on Instagram will give you all the in-the-moment fun, I very much hope this blog to be a place where we can share more detailed accounts of some of the interesting projects we have on the go.